Why You're On Twitter and Why Hashtags Matter

December 7, 2012
Hashtags have shown to be very useful in helping businesses and individuals quickly create a buzz that will make them the focal point of conversations for a few days or weeks. A number of companies actually aim for hashtags to go viral to quickly spread their brand or let others know about an upcoming event or promo. The idea is to bring in the right people who will mean much to the business. As a result, you can boost income and establish your reputation online. Here are some reasons why it matters that you're on Twitter and how you can maximize your presence online.

1. Twitter creates a buzz.

When you successfully make a buzz online, you can quickly spread word about your business or promo to hundreds or thousands of clients in the shortest time possible. People will more likely retweet or share your posts once they get hooked on the information you provide. Add intrigue and mystery to your posts to create excitement among your target audience. Some posts can become viral if these are very interesting, as with news of the Duchess of Cambridge being pregnant (#RoyalBaby) or President Barack Obama winning a second term (#Obama2012).

2. Hashtags are arranged categorically.

Since hashtags arrange posts according to topics or categories, online users find it easier to locate the discussions that they are most interested in. It is important to bring in the relevant followers into the conversations since these are the same individuals who will spread the good reputation and offers of the business to others. These individuals can also bring in more relevant customers to your business for faster growth. You can find topics according to your interests and stay updated with the recent trends and news around the world.

3. Twitter accounts are easy to maintain.

You can create an account and start getting contacts in a few minutes. Managing the account is relatively easy, requiring you to post only a few times each week depending on your schedule. You only need to create a hashtag by thinking of relevant keywords or keyphrases and then keep the conversations running. Ask questions, share media content and update information to keep people interested. Allow online users to interact by letting them share useful content and other media sources. Provide links and talk about associated topics for discussion purposes. You only need to tweet a few times each day and invite people to join the trending topics.

4. Twitter introduces you to new people.

One of your objectives on Twitter is to keep your following to follower ratio positive. Creating useful and significant hashtags will help you achieve a positive ratio. Those who find the hashtag useful and important will most likely add you to their followed list. This will improve your status on Twitter so you can establish yourself as an expert in the field eventually. Twitter has billions of users so you can find people for business purposes as well as those for socializing.

5. Twitter opens opportunities.

Hashtags also let you meet other experts in the industry. You can meet new business contacts, suppliers and marketers who can share their own ideas and expertise on the subject. You can find a number of online mentors to follow. These individuals will also introduce you to other people online who will be helpful in the success and development of your online company. The people who join the discussions will most likely be interested to avail of your products and join your upcoming activities. Read the Twitter rules and guidelines carefully to determine the best ways to maintain your account and gain new followers. Also refrain from hijacking and piggybacking on hashtags created by others and check first if there are similar ones already existing. Specify your objectives for getting on Twitter then -- have fun!

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