Are You Tweeting Too Much?

December 28, 2012
Twitter is a free world where you can post anything you want at any time; but how much is too much? Twitter has over 1 billion users that make up 4 to 5 billion tweets each day. When using the social media network, it?s important to consider the basic rules and guidelines before you begin. You should also practice online etiquette, which includes tweeting regularly but just enough so as not to intrude into other people?s personal (although virtual) space online. There are a few signs that you might be overtweeting. Learn more about the signs you may be going overboard, then find the proper methods that will improve your reputation and total followers.

When Might You Be Tweeting Too Much?

1. You tweet too frequently.

There is no universal number or limit to the volume of tweets you post each day. However, many online experts recommend that you post no more than 8 to 10 per day, depending on the content and importance of your tweets. It?s also recommended that you post at least 3 to 5 times each day to keep others interested and remain visible to your target audience.

2. You post poor content.

Many online users post too frequently without thinking much about the relevance or content of their tweets. Avoid tweeting recklessly, such as stating what you?re currently doing, especially if it is not relevant to your online objectives. Even if your intent is to meet new friends and socialize, keep your posts useful and also helpful to others and discover how more people will be willing to follow you. Research on different issues and topics then share original and unique content. Talk about major global news and other relevant topics that apply to your industry or business. For instance, simply tweeting something like: "My hair is all frizzy today. I'm so pissed off!" every day will likely to lead your followers to click UNFOLLOW. However, a tweet like: "Hair frizziness can be remedied by eating more eggs? Interesting link HERE." will likely lead to user engagement. Provide useful media and online materials that will attract more people online. Keeping abreast with the latest issues will improve the relevance of your posts on Twitter and also boost your credibility.

3. You don?t provide real updates.

Post regular and useful updates that are well-written and researched. Maximize the 140-character limit on Twitter by providing tweets that are associated with your objectives and industry. People will look forward to your posts more if you give them real and interesting news. Even if you post several times each day, people will still appreciate your tweets for being relevant and fresh.

4. People are complaining.

If you encounter a number of online users saying that you post too much or worse, call you a spammer, you should think about reducing the total number of posts you place per day. Also think about the content and relevance of your tweets. There are times when you might get into heated arguments with others claiming that you tend to flood their threads. Your posts might also be reported as spam. Watch out for these warning signs then make the necessary adjustments.

5. You?re losing followers.

Your follower to following ratio should be positive -- this means you should have more followers than the people you are following. This will increase the likelihood of getting more people to follow your tweets. To achieve a positive ratio, you have to put more relevant content and regularly tweet. Answer queries and concerns in a reasonable period of time then provide the necessary updates. Also make use of different media tools and images to keep followers interested. If you?re usually posting useless material, it will be expected for people to start unfollowing you.

6. You keep using the same methods.

Twitter is full of media tools and features that will keep your followers interested. Hashtags, promoted tweets and different types of media will increase your reputation and lessen your tendency to use the same boring approaches. Learn about new updates and tools on Twitter then use these accordingly to your benefit. The total number of tweets per day does not matter much as long as you have good and interesting content. It's not always about the numbers. Stick to your online goals and keep followers interested.

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