Promoted Tweets Help Businesses Sell More, Says Study

November 21, 2012
Twitter has commissioned a study that shows the correlation between promoted tweets and actual sales. The results show that a more structured Twitter presence will, indeed, lead to higher earnings for your business. According to the study, initially noted by CNBC, online buyers are more likely to purchase items offered through promoted tweets and posts over ads released through regular tweets. As more clients turn to the Internet to gain more information about a company and a product, promoted tweets are shown to be very useful in making potential customers aware of available products, services and offers. Twitter has recently been focusing on online advertising through the introduction of promoted tweets and trends. Although many aspects of the social micro-blogging site are offered to users for free, promoted tweets and trends are paid for by companies. Despite the cost, promoted hashtags reportedly cost upwards of $120,000, businesses can quickly grow because of constant and consistent exposure to the right consumers. This is especially vital as mobile advertising is now more preferred over internet advertising. Twitter commissioned the market research division of Kantar to conduct the study, which observed 7,600 online users and their activities online. Users of the desktop version of Twitter were observed exclusively and their reactions to some 700 brands were monitored.

Have Twitter, Will Buy

In the end, online users who were shown retail tweets from a Twitter page or retailer were more likely to buy and visit retail websites on the Internet compared to those who weren?t shown any advertisement. Over 95 percent visited an online retail site after being shown an ad, while almost 39 percent actually purchased items. Twitter users were also discovered to be more likely to go to online retail sites and place an order after being shown the online tweet compared to individuals who do not have a Twitter account. The more important aspect to consider is the fact that users exposed to retail tweets are more inclined to head over to online retail stores and make purchases. It would be natural to conclude that Twitter users, who are generally experienced in various online activities, are web-savvy, which may also explain why they are more likely to purchase after seeing online advertisements. These findings can be helpful for online marketers and companies who wish to determine the best advertising platforms that will bring in the needed customers and lead to actual sales. And based on these results, online advertising, Twitter especially, is the way to go.

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