Protect Your #Privacy: What To Never Share On #Twitter

October 1, 2012
It's easy to aimlessly post details of your life on Twitter, but there are some things that should be for your eyes only. Twitter is one of the biggest social media websites available today wherein people can easily share their sentiments, opinions and activities any time of the day. However, there are certain things that are better kept private. Users are only allowed up to 140 characters maximum when placing their tweets. Although you can share virtually anything, it?s equally important to be concerned about the relative effects and other possible consequences if you?re going to randomly post things. Here's what should be kept confidential.

1. Other people?s secrets.

Many might find it funny to start sharing someone else?s secret but it might cost you more, especially if the information was supposed to be kept private completely or only the person concerned is supposed to divulge it. In short, it's not your story to tell. Many people ruin friendships and relationships because they shared things that are supposed to be confidential. Secrets are generally meant to be kept private no matter how juicy or seemingly harmless these may be. People should be serious about it even when dealing with these matters online.

2. Too many hashtags.

One or two hashtags are acceptable but putting too many in a single post can be confusing and even annoying. Many Twitter fans make the mistake of putting more hashtags than the main statement, making it hard to read. The tweet is supposed to be simple and direct. Choose the right hashtag that relates well with the topic and gives instant information even if online users only read it for a few seconds.

3. Foolish photos.

Many employees have lost their jobs or find it difficult to get a new one after putting scandalous photos of themselves on the Internet. Be careful about the pictures you put on Twitter and make sure that you maintain decency at all times. It?s acceptable to post casual things that normally happen at the height of occasions. However, be careful about images that might give potential employers and current bosses a negative perspective on your true potential.

4. Attacking your boss or company.

Many people rant about their job or superiors on social media websites then regret it immediately the next day. Never tweet about the things you hate about your job or say anything derogatory about people at work. Some individuals have been charged with libel for making unnecessary remarks on the site. It?s normal to tweet how tired or stressed you are at work but keep the comments mild; or better yet, avoid putting anything that can be misinterpreted.

5. Anything illegal.

A number of criminals have actually been caught after tweeting their plans or previous illegal activities. Even if you?re only joking about these, you can be held liable or placed under investigation should there be any relationship between your posts and actual illegal events. People believe that they?ll never get caught by just sitting in front of the computer monitor but various technologies make it quite easy to locate potential suspects. Many were surprised to be served warrants of arrest after putting potentially dangerous tweets. Read the story about a Twitter user who got indicted after posting 'threats' against US president Barack Obama on his account. Twitter has millions of users on the Internet. Thus, it?s ideal to practice etiquette when using Twitter to avoid being a nuisance to others online. You will highly be appreciated for being considerate about the things you post in public, as well as the kind of language you?re using. Although these are not stipulated rules on the website, it will make the platform more interactive for everyone regardless of the time and location. Avoid posting too much too frequently and also be considerate of other Twitter users. Also, keep updated with the recent apps and developments to maximize use.

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