Reporting Impersonation Accounts and Media Violations

January 3, 2013
Private users and businesses may have themselves impersonated on Twitter. What may seem like a publicity boost for celebrities can also affect regular folk if the account is managed by the wrong hands. If you find yourself being impersonated wrongfully online, you can file a complaint. It?s important to know the necessary steps to quickly address the violations. Social media networks have shown to be very useful and effective platforms in boosting communication, as well as providing information. However, there are also a number of unscrupulous or disruptive individuals who tend to violate the policies and guidelines. At times, Twitter users worry about having their account impersonated by someone else. Some forms of media might also violate the rules on Twitter and show to be offensive or illegal. It?s best to be familiar with the steps on how to report these violations.

How to Report Impersonation Accounts

According to Twitter rules, impersonation reports should be done by the person or user who actually suffered damage or was offended by the violation. Other users may report the incident although they have to show sufficient proof that they have been given authority by the offended part to report on their behalf. Twitter will not entertain reports coming from third parties or people who simply noticed the offense but are not actual victims. Send a report to Twitter by completing the report age and giving a full description of the details on the account, thereby presenting your identity clearly. Information such as links and other types of evidence that will prove reproduction of the content will also be requested. People don?t have to own a Twitter account to send a report on an impersonation account on the social media site.




Inactive Usernames and Trademarks

Once Twitter gets the report from the victim or his representative, the accounts and posts will be investigated. If Twitter confirms that there are indeed violations of the rules, the account can be suspended or requested to make the needed changes or modifications to comply with the rules and policies. It is common for many Twitter users to be asking for the same username since many share the same full names. There are also user requests to possibly use suspended or inactive usernames. Twitter has plans of providing information on all these although the specific date has not yet been indicated. The inactive username list will be updated if you follow @support on Twitter. Users can also file a trademark ticket, thereby letting the company transfer a username to the rightful owner based on the application and policies on trademark. Here's a clip of what the ticket will look like [the entire ticket form is actually longer].


Companies and online businesses that may be impersonated can file a complaint through the trademark policy. Twitter will request for information before processing the claim.

How to Report Media Offenses

To have Twitter investigate and review media content, simply check the bottom portion of the media the select ?Flag this media?. impersonation5 The content will automatically be sent to the Twitter team to be checked and investigated. The media may be tagged accordingly based on how the Twitter team assesses its effects and consequential results. The user who posted the media will be sent an email, informing him that the media has been categorized and the media settings adjusted. Repetitive uploading of sensitive media will have Twitter categorize it as such or change the account setting permanently so that the user will constantly have warning messages in the future whenever he posts new content.

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