5 Rules When Creating Parody Accounts

February 28, 2013
A parody account is a fan or commentary account on Twitter where individuals can share different ideas about a specific issue, person or company. The important thing is that you provide content that is interesting but does not violate the terms and conditions of the website. There are rules to follow since you will be talking about real events, people or companies. The approach requires you to only refer to a particular subject and not to impersonate. Here are five rules to keep you relevant (and safe) when making parody accounts.

1. Make people know it?s a parody account.

The first thing you have to do is let others on Twitter know that the account is only a parody or a fan account. Never mislead others into thinking that it is the official Twitter page of the person or group. The username must include descriptions that will instantly let others know that it?s only a fan account. parody1 Place the description on the bio and do not use the actual name of the person or group on its own to prevent confusion. Role-playing accounts are tolerated by Twitter as long as these comply with the terms and conditions of the website.

2. Find an interesting topic.

Parody accounts can talk about a specific event or pertain to a broader topic. For example, you can discuss the recent presidential speech or how a shark was found in a local river. The account can take on a role-playing approach wherein the user will take on the role of the president of the United States or the shark to make things very interesting.

3. Use humor.

Parody accounts generally include humor or sarcasm to keep people interested. Share jokes and other funny ideas arising from the main subject. It will also invite other equally funny people to share their own ideas and sentiments on the issue in an interesting manner that will bring in more people to join. parody2

4. Share interesting media.

Provide memes, pictures and videos to keep things funny and interesting. Parody accounts almost always include memes to help people understand the topic better and give them a clearer picture of what the parody is trying to imply. Invite people to share their own pictures and memes. You can also retweet and share related photos and media content from other sites and users.

5. Stick to the rules.

Always follow the rules and regulations on Twitter. Twitter actually lets you share inflammatory remarks and other funny opinions about certain people or groups, as long as these do not violate their terms. parody3 However, you should be careful when the parody account is reported on Twitter. The website will review the content and posts and decide whether to put the account down. Some individuals have been suspended because of complaints and reports by official users. Generally, the parody account should be made for the sake of humor or to show support. It shouldn?t be used as a means of advertising or making money. Observe other fan or parody accounts then use the same approaches that make the successful ones interesting.

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