How Twitter Contests Help Maximize Business Growth

January 3, 2013
There are many free tools, apps and features on Twitter that will help different businesses boost their income and reputation. Among these are Twitter contests wherein people can learn more about your company while increasing your engagement volume. These are also free and you can gain a huge following in just a few days, sometimes even just minutes. Learn how to make the best contests that will spark the interest of your potential clients and translate these interests into verified purchases and return activity. You can host Twitter contests regularly to maintain your current followers and increase brand awareness.

Using Twitter Contests To Boost Your Online Reputation

1. Strengthen brand awareness.

Starting a Twitter contest should particularly focus on a certain product or brand. Many big companies have successfully launched their products through Twitter contests, especially at this day and age when consumers have at least one active social networking account. You can ask people to tweet or take photos of themselves with the new product you are introducing and then give prizes to the 100th or 1000th entry, depending on your preference and business objectives. If you can set aside a larger marketing budget for this promo, you can even give out rewards at shorter intervals.

2. Boost your reputation.

Twitter contests will put businesses in the spotlight temporarily. Even if you?re holding the contest only for a few days, it will give you an advantage by setting you apart from others in the same industry. You will most likely be perceived by many as an expert and a reliable source in the market. This will also make potential clients recall your company easily?for future promotional endeavors.

3. Personalize your account.

Twitter users are more attracted to businesses or companies that have a unique personality. Giving the impression that there?s a real human being handling the account will drive in more customers. This makes you more approachable and the competition itself more fun and interactive.

4. Gain more followers.

When people join your Twitter contest, one of the requirements will usually have them follow you to possibly win a prize. Initially, some online users might be skeptical in following you so always provide fresh updates and new content on the account. Keep them informed about the developments of the Twitter competition to make following you seem worthwhile. Of course, it is needless to say that the prizes or rewards you are offering should be attractive enough to make them want to check you out.

5. Increase revenue.

There will be long term benefits that will come after holding Twitter contests. You will discover how sales and income will radically increase after introducing your company and products to the right customers. Starting a Twitter contest will bring in more customers even after the competition is finished. Be sure to give them relevant content each time to maintain their interest and keep them joining the next time you launch a contest online.

6. Take advantage of freebies.

Starting a Twitter contest will not cost you anything, although you might have to give out a few products or freebies depending on the mechanics of the game. This allows you to maximize your budget and spend on other potentially useful Twitter advertising products if you wish. You can use Twitter contests simultaneously with other products and features on the website to cater to your customers on a wider scale.

7. Have fun while building your brand.

Hosting a Twitter contest will give the impression that your business is highly concerned in catering to and serving customers, not the other way around. Make it appear that your primary objective is to offer useful and reliable products, as well provide good customer service to gain a huge following. People will be attracted more to companies that do not seem only interested in making a quick sale. A Twitter competition is one of the best ways to target customers without being invasive or being a hard-sell. These advantages will put your business at the forefront of the industry regardless of how long you have been operating. Get some tips and guidelines from other online experts who have successfully hosted Twitter contests. Also visit a number of accounts and find out how they manage and maintain the contest from start to finish.

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