How #WalmartFights Became An Annual Black Friday Tradition

December 4, 2013
Celebrating Black Friday can become outright dangerous as shoppers march to stores with full bellies just after Thanksgiving dinner just to get first dibs on a sale item. One might think camping out before stores open doors is crazy move just to take advantage of a sale -- but in the US, this is quite a normal event... and a potentially rabid one at that. Walmart stores feature some of the most amazing fights ever seen on Black Friday, featuring moms and teenagers fighting over the last item on the shelf. Clever netizens bring these moments to the world with the hashtag #WalmartFights. The fights have become all too common that they are now considered a tradition, with Twitter fans sharing videos of the latest hustles they personally witnessed in different outlets all over America. There were minor arguments that only involved heated exchanges to all-out wrestling and tugs of war. Aside from sharing photos, social media fans also uploaded pictures of themselves and memes to add to the fun. Others took the time to collate their top picks. Despite the commotion, however, people generally feel happy and excited, knowing that Christmas is just around the corner. #WalmartFights as a hashtag is all really about acknowledging human nature and seeing humor in it. See how well it's been trending in the past week, totalling over 39,000 tweets. Black Friday has become the busiest shopping day of the year since its first appearance in 2005. The hashtag #WalmartFights also feature some of the bestselling items and some share a list of the cheapest and valuable purchases possible. As long as Black Friday continues, Walmart?s public relations and security are also bound to be busy.

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