How To Screen Follower Requests On Twitter

October 29, 2012
As there are so many social media enthusiasts today, it is only safe that people protect their accounts. Choosing the people who can follow you will maximize your safety online. Setting your Twitter account to protected tweets?will provide you the advantage of confirming requests first before any person will be allowed to follow and see your posts. You can approve or deny potential followers once you choose the setting. Otherwise, people from anywhere on Twitter can simply see all your posts publicly. One of the most vital reasons for having protected tweets is security. You should ensure that your personal information and conversations are limited only to people you know or those whom you wish to share these with. If not, you can be the target of unscrupulous individuals.

The Approach

Whenever a follower requests to be approved on #Twitter, you have the option of approving or denying. First of all, sign in to Twitter and view your account. At the left side of the homepage, locate the notification that will indicate if there are new follower requests. Click the notification. You will be given two choices to either approve or deny the request. However, Twitter accounts having public Tweets are not asked whether or not they would choose to approve or deny a request for new followers. When using an official application, you can also choose to approve or deny requests for new followers. Find the ?Me? tab and then look for the ?Follower Requests? option. This is usually found at the center portion. A screen will appear where you will be given the option to either deny or approve individual requests. There is also an option that allows you to automatically accept all requests pending. If you?re using mobile.twitter.com, you can also follow the requests.

More on Public Tweets

When starting Twitter, your account might be automatically set to public tweets if you didn?t customize the account earlier. It is recommended that you protect the tweets so you can determine and choose which people are allowed to follow you and see your posts. Check your account settings and make the necessary adjustments. Otherwise, anyone who clicks on your profile will be able to monitor your tweets and posts. Twitter users with public tweet settings will not be asked whether or not they wish to add a certain follower. Those who have already set their account to protected tweets will have to confirm the requests first before followers are allowed. The users will also be required to follow again the people they are interested in. The notification sign will not be visible from the homepage if you don?t have any pending or current follower requests. Some users might notice that they have an email notification indicating that a new follower is asking for approval but no request notification is present on their homepage. This means that the person has canceled the follow request after making it. If you happen to approve a follower then decide not to have him see your posts, just remove them by choosing the blocking option.

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