Social Media and Children: The Good and the Bad

April 16, 2013
Children and teenagers should always be supervised when using social media networks. Parents can try a variety of approaches to ensure the security and well-being of their kids whenever they log on to the internet. However, while there are threats and risks to using it, parents should be equally aware of the benefits that social media can offer. Learning how to use the platform properly will lead to the best results.

The Advantages and Keeping Kids Protected

Social media platforms can offer a lot of benefits when used properly. Children as young as 6 to 8 years old are already learning how to create their own online accounts and get information online. Others use social media networks to get connected with friends and loved ones. There are several media content to enjoy as well like videos, games and photos. Children can get educated using the different online apps and tools. According to research, over half of adolescents engage in social media at least once each day. About one-fourth of teenagers visit social media sites at least ten times daily.

How Much Time Do Kids Spend Online?

One of the reasons why children and teenagers spend more time online is because the traditional places where previous generations used to spend time in are gone. Schedules of both kids and parents are also more hectic these days -- and social media provides a platform where young individuals can catch up with family and friends regardless of the time and place. Mobile devices and smart phones help people connect immediately, as well as get information. Children can hone their artistic and creative skills using various social media tools. There are also a lot of features and games that will boost a child?s analytical and problem-solving capabilities. They can get support from others online. Parents can also improve their relationship with their children by becoming one of their contacts or adding them as friends. Parents can monitor the activities of their kids by creating their own online account. They can check and review the activities and posts of their kids throughout the day and provide guidance. Of course, monitoring your kids' online activities should not equate to stalking. The best way still to foster a healthy relationship with your child is to keep communication lines open, so that he or she will not hesitate to talk to you about anything and everything.

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