Google Pushes Movie Marketers to Use Social Marketing

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Google has proven how social marketing can affect the way movies are advertised and appeal to potential viewers. According to IT giant, people rely on 13 information sources to determine which movie they want to watch. Search engines and social platforms are the most common sources that people tap when it comes to new films. Currently, Google holds the top spot among search engines and YouTube comes in second. Google increased by 56 percent in searches about movies in 2012, even though the total movies released were lower by 9 percent. The success of movies is also shown to increase when these are viewed and advertised on social media sites like YouTube and Talenhouse.

The Link Between Movies and Social Media

The connection between social engagement campaigns and movie success should encourage filmmakers and marketers to use the various sources of information. Thorough social media engagement weeks before a movie hits the theaters increases its chances of faring well among viewers. The information in search engines can show how movies will do in the box office. Before film viewers purchase tickets, they go through a number of social media sites and search engines to get more data and learn what to expect from upcoming movies. Google predicts box office performance via paid click volume and query volume primarily. For the opening weekend, performance can be predicted with 92 percent accuracy. YouTube predicts box office performance via trailer-related title search volume, franchise status and seasonality. Accuracy for the opening is 94 percent. According to Google, moviegoers at present like to know more about their movie options. They research on movies extensively. Google tries to understand what people are aware of or are trying to find out then convert the information into accurate predictions. Alternatively, you can also track how a certain movie social media campaign is faring. Creating dedicated hashtags for a specific movie is common nowadays and is considered a very good measure of engagement. For #ManofSteel, for instance, we can see that so far in the past three months, the hashtag has garnered 289,700 tweets and close to 755 million impressions. Marketers should stay updated with these box office predictions to hit their targets more effectively and use the right avenues for advertising.

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