Another Monday Twitter Game Calls To #MakeAComedyScary

December 23, 2014
What better way to unwind and let loose some stress after panicked Christmas shopping than a fun, creative Twitter game? Fortunately for those on social media, #MakeAComedyScary became a big enough trend to gain plenty of attention, which then helped it keep growing. The trend was actually pretty strange according to the graph. With the majority of Tweets during the early hours, it reached its peak before people were even awake for the work day around 7AM Central Standard Time (CST).
Courtesy of Hashtag Analytics Courtesy of Hashtag Analytics
The hashtag was started at exactly midnight by a popular account known for starting Twitter games. There was a large number of Tweets during the following early hours until it reached its peak around 4 AM CST. The hashtag still remained a big trend throughout the rest of the day after a few drops in its popularity. The rate of Tweets per hour finally started a steady decline after its last peak, however. There weren't very many hashtags related to #MakeAComedyScary other than a few common advertising hashtags and even a few from the last hashtag covered, #ShortGirlAppreciationDay. Still, #MakeAComedyScary remained the most prominent Twitter game of the day. People came up with all sorts of different ideas for movie titles. There were even a few examples Tweets without a title, but instead held a fun idea of what would take place in the movie. Movie titles still dominated the hashtag's usage, as seen by the?multiple quoted Tweets below. t1 t2 t3 t4 With plenty of great ideas out there, this hashtag stuck around for awhile. Even though there were many commonly used movies, there were many different ideas imposed on them and vice versa. People seemed to be having a good time online as the various Tweets poured in. From modern hits to classic comedies, all sorts of variations were mixed together. #MakeAComedyScary is another great Tweet to add to the long list of movie-based Twitter games.

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