How to Build a Trending Hashtag: 3 Questions To Ask Before Starting

December 26, 2013
If you plan to have a successful hashtag, you should first know the basic rules on how to come up with the right keywords as well as the techniques that will drive the right individuals to the conversation. Good quality content as well as relevance are the key components that will increase the total impressions and total reach of the hashtag. Here are some questions to ask.

1. Is the message and objective clear?

Start a hashtag by using the proper keywords. Use 2 to 3 keywords to make it more specific and easy to search. For example, the hashtag #VSFashionShow2013 trended successfully which immediately sent the message that the annual event will again be held, complete with the details such as the supermodels featured, the designs to be presented and the exact date and location. You should clearly set the objective by including a short description on what the hashtag is about. You can share that it is simply for discussion purposes only or if it is meant to launch a new product line. Twitter has actually introduced a nifty tool that will tell users if it's a promoted hashtag (see hashtag for #DisneyParade below). Use understandable words to clearly convey the message and manage the exchanges so that discussions stay within topic. trending3 trending4

2. Will the public find it interesting and relatable?

There are several tools and elements that you can use to make the hashtag more interesting. Include a call to action by inviting people to become part of the conversation. Provide graphs, photos, links and videos to add more quality content and visual appeal. Also tag individuals who will most likely be interested in the products and topics. Social media users with a huge following can immediately share the hashtag in their posts and drive more relevant users to the conversation. Provide unique and original content and ask others to upload their own research, blogs and other types of information. The hashtag may involve different perspectives and views which will make conversations more fulfilling and interesting. Time your tweets and provide new content over the day to maintain the momentum. The hashtag #GovernmentShutdown trended well immediately after the news about problems in Congress and the health care bill broke out. People are more likely to post their views on new matters compared to old news.

3. Is it current?

Most successful hashtags pertain to a current topic that people are most likely interested in. There are several individuals who prefer getting the latest trends and news from social media sites instead of television or radio. Aim for fresh content and provide updates regularly to keep people referring back to the conversation. You can also make use of other features and activities like live tweeting or covering events to keep people posted. Invite key users to share their own content as long as these are current. The success of the hashtag will depend much on the quality and freshness of the content. Aim for topics that you are personally interested in and be more creative in presenting these. Provide rewards and incentives to the most helpful social media followers and acknowledge them at the end of the campaign.

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