#47Percent Adds Salt to the #RomneyEncore Wound

September 19, 2012
As #RomneyEncore trended on Twitter in criticism of Republican party presidential candidate Mitt Romney's statement bashing 47 percent of the American population in a leaked video, so did the more direct #47percent hashtag. Twitter users adopted the #47percent hashtag to more pointedly share their disdain over Romney's condescending comments, which included calling out the group as dependent on the government and lazy. There have been over 348,000 mentions of '47%' and #47percent since Mother Jones (@MotherJones) leaked the video online. Here's how Twitter looked when the hashtag started rising. A lot of people expressed disgust over the video: Some were also quick to point out the ugly truth it contains: Of course, the Obama camp is having a field day over this development, with just a couple of months until the actual US National Elections. Here's a video they created. Where do you stand on this matter? Let us know in the comments.  

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