#HairFlag Lady Outshines Obama's Victory Speech

November 8, 2012
Barack Obama (@BarackObama) was giving his victory address upon winning his second term as President of the United States but all eyes were not on him. A young black woman tagged as the strangely mesmerizing ?Hair flag lady? was spotted by thousands of viewers all around the globe standing right behind the President. When people looked over Obama?s left shoulder, they could easily spot a young woman listening to the speech with the American flag standing on top of her head. The hashtag #HairFlag was immediately created on Twitter with hundreds of posts following within a few hours. The avid Obama supporter sparked the interest of netizens, prompting them to tweet and make memes on different social media platforms. Videos were also uploaded showing how the recently labeled biggest Obama fan flipped her head and the flag along with it. The identity of the young woman is currently unknown. A lot of Twitter users posted jokes and other hilarious comments on the bizarre presentation.

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