Twitter Users Threaten Mitt On #RomneyDeathRally

November 6, 2012
There are times when social media enthusiasts go overboard in their online activities, especially when the topics include politics and religion -- even if it's meant to be a parody or satirical. The hasthag #RomneyDeathRally trended after tweets spread placing Presidential candidate Mitt Romney (@MittRomney) of the Republican party under the light of resorting dark satanic techniques to win the upcoming US national elections on November 6, 2012. This is, of course, a nasty hashtag and while its purveyors insist it's for humor (and sometimes it is), it is done in bad taste. Here's how many tweets were made on the hashtag at its peak. The hashtag was created at 2:00 PM November 4 and then peaked at 11:00 PM on the same day. Its popularity continued and rose slightly again on November 5; the night before the elections. There were also posts that threatened to kill Romney, with some even threatening to join domestic terrorism and attack the White House and the people in it if Romney sits as president. Here are some of the threatening tweets aimed at the Republican candidate. To date, majority of the tweets recorded to have threatened him have already been taken down by Twitter. These tweets are in violation of the rules and policies of Twitter, although the social media website has not been very stringent in preventing the hateful comments. According to federal law, threats made even online are a punishable felony, especially if these are against a person in office or government service. People can be jailed for as long as five years even if the comments made were only for humor or the persons behind did not truly intend to commit the crime. The Secret Service has started investigations to find out more about the identities of these individuals by encouraging Twitter users to report tweets that seem to violate the rules. Others who have also posted threats against Obama from the Democratic party are also under investigation. Check out some of?the satirical tweets associated with #RomneyDeathRally. What do you think of this hashtag? Tell us in the comments!

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