Romney Camp Tries To Correct The 47% Blunder With #Missing2Mins

September 21, 2012
Mitt Romney's camp is trying to rectify the problem created by the presidentiable's infamous '47 per cent' comment with the hashtag #Missing2Mins to highlight the missing two minutes from when the camera stopped rolling on the leaked video. Mitt Romney received a lot of criticism because of his comment, which called out the 47 percent of Americans supporting Obama for feeling 'entitled.' For that reason, the hashtag #RomneyEncore trended. The hashtag #Missing2Min was created with the hope of reducing the impact and negativism that came with the presidential candidate?s remark. On September 19, Twitter fans quickly tweeted #missing2mins. The hashtag was inspired by the missing 1 to 2 minutes from the full video clip uploaded on YouTube. Here's a look into the activity of #missing2mins on the social media platform when it started in Sept 19 (32,364 impressions) and then peaked again on Sept 20 (39,998 impressions). The unauthorized video featured Romney talking about the 47 percent who are with Barack Obama at a closed-door fundraising event early this year. In the video, he addressed a small group of donors saying, 'There are 47 percent who are with him, who are dependent on government, who believe they are victims.? Romney was referring to the current democratic president as 'him'. The complete version of the video was published in Mother Jones magazine. Romney talking about the 47 per cent was at the end of the first section, while the second section started with discussions about China. The Blaze, an online blog, was among the first that noticed the difference between the two clips. It immediately discovered that the tape had been tampered with and the sensitive 47 percent discussion removed. More right leaning blogs emphasized the missing minutes by letting more Twitter users know about the discrepancy with the creation of #missing2mins. David Corn of Mother Jones indicated that the camera stopped suddenly before the cameraman had a chance to keep recording, so those of us who weren't there can only guess what it contained. Democrats and others who aren?t on Romney?s side resorted to humor to spread more 47 percent jokes. After all, they said, what more could have been said in the two minutes that would take back everything blurted out the long minutes before them? Both supporters of the Democratic and Republic parties exchanged tweets and shared their own opinions and humorous comments online.  

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