Romney Ignites #BindersFullofWomen And Other Memes

October 17, 2012
#BindersFullofWomen started out as a question, the answer to which sparked a wave of humor and satire online. During the US presidential debate held in October 16, 2012, Katherine Fenton, an undecided voter, asked a question regarding gender inequality in the workplace. She was the fourth to raise a question in the town hall set-up, to which Romney?s answer launched a social media frenzy. Governor Mitt Romney (@MittRomney), presidential candidate of the Republican Party, was asked on his actions to solve discrimination against women in the office, since females only earn 72 percent of what males in the same position do. Romney responded by contemplating on his achievement in increasing gender diversity when selecting members of his cabinet. He said: "We took a concerted effort to go out and find women who had backgrounds that could be qualified to become members of our cabinet. I went to a number of women?s groups and said, 'Can you help us find folks,' and they brought us whole binders full of women.? He obviously had meant to say that there were plenty of qualified women that he considered to become part of his team while he was governor of Massachusetts. The statement immediately led to a series of tweets, posts and memes in various social media sites. On Twitter, the hashtag #BindersFullofWomen was created just a few minutes after the statement. There was also a Twitter feed about Romney?s Binder. Mitt?s Women is another related Twitter account borne out of the comment. The URL BindersFullofWomen.com was sold. Bindersfullofwomen.net was also created to make a misleading campaign page on the Massachusetts governor. On Tumblr, several memes of binders featuring pictures of women and other related responses were shared. On Facebook, Romney?s Binder also had an existing account with 175,000 likes to date. Women who attended the presidential debate at the Hofstra University in New York were also quick to share their thoughts and comments in various social media networks. Several other memes and related posts were revived to associate with Romney?s Binder, such as the Photoshop trend featuring Hilary Clinton texting. Another popular Romney comment led to ?Big Bird? accounts and memes, which also returned to the scene. Other related terms that Romney followers might rediscover include ?three-ring binders? and ?trapper keepers?.

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