#NoBudgetNoPay Withholds Senators? Pay For Delay

January 22, 2013
Recently, Congress proposed a bill which punishes members of Congress who failed to produce a budget on time. The Senate, which is currently composed of Democrats mostly, has not passed a budget in the last four years. The public, which has become aware of the problem, intends to render penalties to irresponsible lawmakers who do not honor the importance of meeting the deadline. The #NoBudgetNoPay hashtag was then created to support the bi-partisan Act which will make members of Congress accountable should they again fail to submit a budget on the next allocated date. Considering that one of the fundamental objectives of Congress members is to pass such a budget, the Act will cut off their pay if they fail in the task. Furthermore, they will not have the right to be reimbursed as soon as they have performed or after late submission. The hashtag #NoBudgetNoPay invites American citizens to share their insights and suggestions on the subject and whether or not the bill should be approved by Congress.


Thousands of Americans, including President Barack Obama, have become concerned about budget deficits and spending problems in the United States. If the politicians fail to do their basic jobs, it will again lead to hurdles that will delay financial stability in the country. Republican members of the House of Congress are proposing a three-month increase in the debt limit should the Senate pass a budget by April 15, 2013. The problem is, the Senate failed to submit a budget resolution in four years. Public support is being called upon on #NoBudgetNoPay because the budget is a vital component that will show how federal funds are to be appropriated or allocated. A number of online sites have also been created to increase awareness about the delay. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (@SenatorReid) said that if democrats don?t do their job, it is just fair and simple that they don?t get paid.

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