Why #WordsThatOffendLiberals Is Trending

August 20, 2013
The long battle between conservatives and liberals reached another high by trending well on Twitter recently with the hashtag #WordsThatOffendLiberals. Supporters of conservatism are attacking President Barack Obama, a known liberal, for his views and programs that they claim to have an ultimately negative effect on the country. Obama has been the subject of criticism after vacationing in Africa and going to Egypt, considering that there were huge issues to face in the United States. His huge contributions to third world countries are also being questioned because America is still in its recovery stage after the global financial crisis. Online users resorted to Twitter to voice out their concerns on how millions are still jobless, hungry or lack healthcare, calling Obama?s intentions and motives "ineffective and un-American." liberals The hashtag #WordsThatOffendLiberals became a collection of the things that are deemed useless by conservatives and call on Obama to improve his programs as soon as possible. Some of the posts were serious in nature while others were just downright funny. Many of Obama?s programs were attacked and most of the tweets related to his recent vacations which cost millions of dollars. Many Republicans were also drawn to the hashtag, sharing the extent of the damage the current administration has caused and showing how Obama lacks the competency to address essential national issues. #WordsThatOffendLiberals has been trending almost every day, generating an average of 1,200 tweets and 500,000 impressions in a span of 24 hours. Here's the hashtag juxtaposed with the hashtag #Obama.

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