Feeling Apprehensive About ObamaCare? Well, #YourMomCares

March 28, 2014
yourmomcaresThe hashtag #YourMomCares was created in light of a White House campaign that promotes Obamacare. Moms of celebrities were featured in videos talking about their experiences in raising their children. The White House encouraged people to get their mother or parents insurance if they truly love them, hence the hashtag. One video featured Patsy Noah, mom of Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine and Sharon Feldstein, mom of Jonah Hill. Levine also promoted Obamacare in 2012. Terria Joseph, mom of singer Alicia Keys and Guadalupe Rodriguez, mother of movie star Jennifer Lopez were also in the video, sharing how difficult it was to raise such rowdy children. Michelle Obama also appeared in the video, saying ?We nag you because we love you.? The hashtag #YourMomCares intended to make people understand the true benefits of the Affordable Care Act. The website was also shown in the video. However, some social media users complained about how the video is using guilt to push people into supporting the health plan. Others said that it was quite unrealistic and impractical. There were also posts that support Obamacare and shared how the insurance plan helped them during hospitalization and rehabilitation. The White House aimed to enroll 5.6 million Americans before March 2014, but only 4.2 million so far had signed up. That's still a pretty good number! Let's watch the video here.

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