Introducing, Embedded Twitter Timelines

September 7, 2012
Twitter, the biggest microblogging website in the world, recently gave news that it will be releasing brand new tool that lets users embed timelines of tweets conveniently on virtually any other website. Interaction on Twitter has been very easy and fast which is one of its best features. With the embedded Twitter timeline, users will also easily use the tool in the same manner regardless of the website they?re currently on. Having the timelines allow users to easily follow others, browse photos and other content as well as share and post tweets. The website stated, ?Whether it?s an author?s Tweets together with their blog, a hashtag about an event? Tweets add a live, real time dimension to articles, news reports, and the web at large.? Some of the biggest events and groups are embedding timelines on their very own websites to make it easier for fans to follow and acquire news and information. Hashtags on anticipated programs and events such as #DNC2012 or the #USOpen will immediately render the needed information to followers. The new tool let writers, web developers and basically any Twitter user to reply and announce anything by incorporating some parts of Twitter using their own website. Users can expand the tweets to browse photos, communicate with other users using the dialog box and retweet anything else they find good enough to share from the particular topics or people being followed. Some of the bodies that began to embed Twitter timelines in their own websites include London Fashion Week which posted photos straight from the runway and ESPN which gave the latest updates regarding the player line-up and other tennis news particularly on the US Open. Margaret Atwood (@MargaretAtwood) has a personal homepage who also made use of the new social media tool to keep in touch with visitors and communicate effectively with fellow writers and fan readers.

A developer blog has been created by Twitter to give guidelines to online users on how to best embed timelines of Tweets using their own website. This is a huge upgrade for the website that adds to the convenience and user-friendliness it always has been known for.

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