5 Types of Tweets You Should Never Send

February 10, 2014
Twitter should be a fun and productive place for individuals seeking information or casually browsing through links, photos or tweets. There are Twitter rules that indicate how you should tweet and post restrictions and don?ts so as not to get suspended or banned from the social media site. Some tweets are never meant to be shared or sent to anyone.

1. Aggressive attempts

Twitter rules consider some tweets foul if these are posted for several unsolicited @mentions and @replies in an aggressive manner with the intent to drive attention to a particular link, product or service. The tone of the tweet almost sounds like you?re pressuring people to click on the link or visit your website or blog. Many user find these posts irrelevant and annoying, which will cause your reputation to suffer over a few weeks. These attempts are generally regarded as spam.

2. Racist tweets

You should never attack someone on Twitter even privately due to his racial background or ethnicity, religion, political beliefs and personal principles. Doing so will only lead to arguments and online scrimmages among different groups. Do not offend anyone by reason of the way they look or based on their financial status or place of origin. Here's a sampling of some recent tweets that were insensitive on race, when Coke aired a commercial where different nationalities sang "America Is Beautiful" in different languages. tweets1

3. Poking fun at other people?s misery

A number of companies and brands earned the ire of many consumers after taking advantage of a well-trending disaster or crisis. It is considered rude and completely insensitive to continue promoting products and services then relating these to bad occurrences like a school massacre or typhoon-ravaged nation. tweets2

4. Pretentious apology

Even if you?ve already sent a bad tweet, it is better to make amends and apologize sincerely for the error. Never tweet that you?re sorry if you?re only going to be more sarcastic about it at the end of your statement. Companies and individuals have received flak for their pretentious apologies. Remove the wrong tweet as soon as possible then provide a brief apology and explanation, if possible, for the mistake. tweets3

5. Sharing illegal activities

You should never tweet about prohibited activities like driving drunk, using drugs or planning to rob or kill someone. Some individuals have been arrested for their blatant tweets with the posts actually used as evidence to properly file charges against them. Many people make the mistake of using their mobile devices and smart phones to spontaneously tweet about all the evil things they do.

Learn from Others? Mistakes

There are so many companies and individuals who have lost a significant number of followers for posting the wrong messages on social media sites even privately. Even big brands have experienced being attacked by social media users because of their failure to review and properly create hashtags and tweets. Especially if you have a huge following, you should be more cautious in tweeting and sharing information that hundreds or thousands can read and share in a few seconds. Learn from both admirable and hated social media users to keep campaigns successful and maintain your followers online. Build meaningful relationships with experts and get more tips on how to tweet in the best manner.

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