5 Ways to Never Run Out of Tweet Ideas

November 21, 2013
People will never run out of tweet ideas. Based on a mathematical equation which looks into the 140-character limit on Twitter posts, 26 letters in the English alphabet, spaces and Unicode characters among others, it is virtually impossible to run out of things to discuss or say on the social media platform. And although billions of tweets are sent out each month by users, there really is no limit to the thoughts one can possibly share online. [Of course, how these thoughts appeal to the readers and how strong they respond to each one is another story.] You can set yourself up to never run out of tweeting ideas. Here's how.

How to Maintain Momentum

Twitter users have the responsibility of providing good quality content each time they post. If your follower numbers matter to you (admit it, they do!), you must watch what you tweet. To attract more readers, you should also be aware of the importance of links, photos and other entertaining content that will help attract attention and establish your reputation online. Incorporating creativity, fun and originality in your tweets will greatly contribute to how fast your total followers grow within a short span of time.

The Best Tweet Ideas are the Ones Most Relatable

1. Stay updated

There are always new issues to discuss on Twitter. You can start making unique hashtags out of these and include them in your tweets. Talk about relevant issues in the country, government and other industries as they unfold. You can discuss the Super Bowl, the recently opened NBA season 2013 or clashes between the Republican or Democratic parties -- anything that is of interest to many at the moment. By keeping yourself informed of the latest news and trends, you will never run out of things to post.

2. Share jokes

Fun and humor are important if you wish to grow and keep followers. The use of puns and interesting words will attract more social media followers because, let's face it, everyone wants a good laugh. You should also keep the statements clean and easy to read. Share jokes or humorous lines from other social media users or quote celebrities then relate these with your industry or field of interest. You can also share memes and photos to increase visual appeal.

3. Tell a story

Share your personal experience with a brand or company. This why sharing food and product photos on Instagram works -- people can relate to them and you give first-hand information (thereby, advice) on a specific item. You can also share client stories (if you're running a business account) or write the story of someone who had an interesting experience and shared it with you verbally. Keep the sentences to one or two at most to stay within the 140-character limit then follow up with a photo or a link to a related video or article to expand the discussion. You can also attempt to build suspense or interest by breaking down the story into three to five total tweets, sent out in intervals throughout the day.

4. Using photos

Being visually attractive on social media is always a good way to invite more followers. Remember: it's very easy to click on somebody else's profile if the reader finds yours boring and uninteresting at first look. Compared to plain text, studies show that tweets with photos, videos and links are engaged by users more. Choose pictures that you took personally then include a short caption or tweet that discusses it further. Invite others to share their own content for an open-ended discussion.

5. Start a hashtag

Hashtags can be about anything so aim to make it more specific by focusing on a particular event or person. You can also start social media activities like contests and live blogs through hashtags. This way, not only do you get to communicate with readers, you may also develop long-term connections and distribute/acquire rewards in the process. All these will keep your current followers interested and you will always seem to have new and fresh content to look forward to each time.

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