Why The Hashtag Is Probably The Most Powerful Tool On Twitter

April 9, 2014
hashtag1 The search bar has been a very effective and reliable tool for internet users to get specific information. It is one of the main reasons why Google has grown into a $365-billion giant in the industry, focusing on search, organization and data gathering. Recently, social media has dominated majority of internet users and people today rely on various platforms to exchange and upload information. The hashtag is currently the counterpart of the search bar, which specifies topics accordingly then precedes these with a ?#? sign. Social media users simply need to type in one or more keywords in the search bar of Twitter, Facebook and other sites to be directed to particular conversations that are highly related to their interests. The hashtag is now one of the most used features in social media, with companies investing millions and adding these to their ads instead of traditional URLs.

Hashtags and Ads

1. Coinciding with events

Many big brands use hashtags in lieu of an upcoming major event or holiday. For example, Samsung, Nike, Audi and Wendy?s invest heavily in hashtags during the Super Bowl and FIFA tournaments. The companies even come up with advertisements and various forms of commercials then incorporate the hashtags to drive the right audience and encourage them to talk more about the products and offerings on social media platforms.

2. Location-based hashtags

Cities, towns and other locales also use hashtags to drive more tourists or feature some of their latest attractions and upcoming events. For example, New York City created the hashtag campaign #lovenyc where potential visitors and residents can share memes, photos, videos and other interesting data about the city. The approach helped foster admiration for particular places. Even local government officials are actively participating in hashtags to communicate with citizens directly and address concerns in a speedy and efficient manner.

3. Integration with TV

Several studies have shown that there is a direct relationship between TV viewers and social media users. Incorporating hashtags on TV shows and advertisements increase engagement on social media and vice-versa, which is why many marketers pick popular TV shows to gain more new clients. Celebrities and TV hosts also rely on hashtags now, instead of URLs to invite people to participate in online events or post their comments. Hashtags have turned into the search bar of recent years. People only have to choose the platform that suits their interests well to meet partners, loyal followers and mentors. Many social media sites now include hashtags because of their efficiency and reliability such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Vine, etc.

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