Finding Your Company?s Top Evangelists on Twitter

November 26, 2012
With millions of users posting on Twitter every day, it can be helpful to know the most prolific ones that will help establish your company for the long term. Learn about these special influential users and make specific plans and goals that will meet their expectations. Online marketing can be enhanced significantly by social media websites and tools. When aiming to grow your company and quickly share information to the people who will mean a lot to your business, it?s important to find relevant supporters. These people are described as individuals who will be very helpful in the continuous growth and development of you company. Aside from being interested in your company and related offers, they are also eager to share the news and benefits to others. Knowing more about your company?s top evangelists will determine how you can improve your offers and services. You can also seek out potential leaders by browsing through their profiles using a number of special features and tools on Twitter. The goal is to look for the individuals who will matter most to your business, as well as bring in the right people to put you ahead of the competition.

Who Are Your Customers

Get to know your customers by checking your email campaigns. You can use a number of email service providers that will give you full and accurate information about the people who are clicking on the links you provide and who actually open the messages you send. Users will be categorized and rated according to where they are located, their general online activity, etc, so aim for those who rank high in the reviews. Reviewing your customer ticketing system will also help you discover potentially loyal customers. They will be categorized and rated based on satisfaction and provided feedback. Always check and observe your social media status. Look for users who mention you frequently, as well as those who keep on retweeting the information you give. Survey results should be reviewed too. You can find your company?s top evangelists by listing down the people who give you excellent scores. Provide rewards to your top clients as well. Come up with an incentive-based program or contest then find some of the most enthusiastic people. Hashtags.org has a nifty tool that traces all tweets sent out using your company's hashtag. Let's take the hashtag #starbucks for example. Here's how it will look.

Reviewing the Analytics

When using analytical tools on Twitter, you can get a lot of information that will help you reestablish your company goals and objectives. You can better provide for the needs of customers by learning more about the best customers of your company, as well as reading about their particular interests and other information. For example, when reviewing the social media status of Starbucks coffee shops, you can simply type in #starbucks in the provided space on the analytical tool page. You can use Twitter?s streaming API to acquire a 1% sample of all tweets within a 24-hour period. Some of the things you will discover include the full description of the company. When reviewing Starbucks, you will find a lot of information on its over 50 years of experience and branches in 55 countries. A graph will be shown which indicates the total number of tweets about the company every hour in a 24-hour period. You can then interpret that the numbers start to rise in the morning and then peak between 6 to 8 am. Knowing about the tweets during certain periods of the day will help you establish better strategies when targeting customers for improved sales and performance. The analytical tools are available for different companies around the world. You can make a hashtag for your own company and have it analyzed over the next few days or weeks.

Finding the Top Evangelists

When using the social media tools and analyzers, you will discover the most prolific users based on the number of times they have retweeted or mentioned your company. The list will be presented in a very organized manner, complete with pertinent details about the follower such as his or her username, address, number of updates, number of followers and tweets. You can learn more about these people by viewing their profiles. Create a strategic plan revolving around these top evangelists to further grow your company and bring in more loyal and satisfied customers. Packages are available when availing of social media tools. The type of plan you get will depend on the objectives of the company, the number of hashtags you wish to monitor and amount of data that can be saved. The cost can be anywhere between $49 and $349 depending on the size and type of plan. Prepaid plans on an annual basis will also render huge discounts and other perks. Knowing all about your company?s top evangelists can help you figure out the proper plans that will most likely entice more users to follow the online account. These individuals will serve as useful sources of information. Aside from spreading good and reliable information about your company, you can also learn about the responses and feedback that others have on your services and products. Simply browse through the profiles of your best followers then get the information that will develop your company. Provide them with prizes and rewards over time to keep them coming back.

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