Twitter Gold Star: The Favorite Defined

May 8, 2013
Favorites are described as indicators that a tweet is well-liked or popular among online users. A tweet can be identified as a Favorite by the small star icon available below the post. Twitter users can mark a tweet as a Favorite to let the author know that someone likes it. These will serve as guides and can also spark the interest of other online users to start a conversation or comment on the tweet. When a tweet is Favorited, it can serve as a guide on the type of tweets your followers like to read; if you're a business, the type of announcements and promos that the market wants out of you.

Viewing Your Favorites

You can first see your Favorites in yohnur timeline. This is located on the upper right portion of the tweet you marked as a Favorite. You can also see it on your profile. Do this by selecting Favorites, found on the left side column. You will notice a list of tweets that you?ve Favorited, scroll down to view the entire list. fav1 If you?re wondering whether some of your own tweets have been Favorited by others, check the Connect tab then view Interactions. You will be presented with a list of your own tweets that are liked by other Twitter users. Browsing through other people?s profiles will also show you a list of tweets which they?ve Favorited in the past. Choose Favorites on the left side column of a person?s profile to find the scrolling list of tweets that they like. An online user with protected tweets can only have their approved followers view the list. You have to follow and be approved by the user first before you see any further.

Finding Favorites

Favoriting a tweet on Twitter is generally easy and fast. First, log on to Twitter through your account. Starting from your home timeline, move your mouse over the tweet you wish to mark as a Favorite. Select Favorite. fav2   fav3 You will notice a gold star on the upper right side corner of the post which will indicate that you?ve selected that particular tweet as a Favorite. You can also visit a person?s profile page or a permalink page of a given tweet to Favorite it. Users with protected profiles have to approve you first as a follower before you will notice the update in the Favorites tab, should you Favorite their tweets. You can further remove or undo a tweet that you?ve Favorited by moving your mouse over the tweet you liked and then selecting Favorited. Wait for the gold star on the upper right portion of the tweet to appear before you click. Clicking will immediately undo the action.

Advantages of Favorites

Twitter continues to guide users on how to find the best types of information that will be useful for their specific internet objectives and activities. When you mark tweets as Favorites, you can easily find useful and relevant information that you can refer back to in the future. You can further share these to friends and other online contacts. Other individuals online will also be guided according to specific interests. You can exchange ideas and transfer relevant data for your particular field or industry.

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