7 Twitter and Hashtag Myths You Should Know

January 25, 2013
Just like any other website or social media platform, there are also myths surrounding the best Twitter techniques that will improve your visibility and reputation online. Twitter users have learned over the years that some methods do not actually lead to the results they?ve wanted because they did not research enough on the details. Debunk some of the common Twitter and hashtag myths to boost efficiency and consistently build a positive image on social media.

Common Twitter Myths

1. You need to spend hours each day on Twitter.

This is completely false and a total waste of your time. Surely the creators of Twitter wanted you to enjoy all the conversations and information available on the website but not at the expensive of your own job or family. The rule is to tweet regularly, not constantly. Many users realize that tweeting 3 to 5 times a day is more than sufficient, provided that the content is rich.

2. Twitter is primarily a business platform.

Twitter is a social media platform, which means that it primarily focuses on building and maintaining relationships on a social level. Should there be business opportunities that come with these privileges, then these are only secondary. There are, however, new advertising features provided on Twitter that are particularly geared towards entrepreneurs and companies. Don't just create a Twitter account to market your products -- use it as an avenue to engage with your potential clients and exchange ideas. Your market will appreciate you more knowing that you respond to them and not simply blasting away.

3. You need to follow those with millions of followers.

People gain a lot of followers either because they are a celebrity or because they know the most effective techniques on Twitter. Following someone with a huge following will not lead to you having a lot of followers as well. You have to work hard to make it worth other people?s while to follow you online. This is done by providing great quality tweets.

4. Social media negates your website.

The two can actually co-exist and lead to very good results for your business. There are plenty of businesses that have their own websites and also rely on hashtags and social media to drive more people into their websites. Twitter allows companies to provide links to their websites. Using social media can actually benefit your website and drive more traffic.

5. Businesses should limit their information.

Over the years, companies actually realize that the best ways to gain more followers and improve their reputation online is to create a more personalized approach. CEOs and Presidents of various companies have learned to talk directly to customers as well as share casual information like watching a baseball game or spending the day in a park with their kids. This personifying technique gives companies a more approachable personality that will lead to quick sales and more clients.

6. Hashtags are only for users with a huge following.

Hashtags can be made by any Twitter user. It is in your control to manage the conversation as well as choose a topic that could possibly trend well in the next few days or weeks. Think of a topic that pertains to your own online objectives then invite people to join the discussions. Some people actually gain hundreds of followers after a successful hashtag.

7. You have to follow back those who follow you.

On Twitter, you won?t seem rude if you do not follow back people who follow you. The main reason for them following you should be because they are interested in your posts and information. Some individuals offer to follow back but using more effective methods that will stabilize your reputation online is the best way to have a positive following to follower ratio.  

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