Christmas Preparation Can Be Tough - #HolidayMadeSimple Aims To Fix That

December 10, 2014
Christmas is the time known for festive decorations, parties, gifts, and more. Who can forget about the food and cookies? That's the reasoning behind the new hashtag #HolidayMadeSimple that became a decent trend during the middle of the day yesterday. The hashtag aimed to make plans easier in order to create a more enjoyable Christmas. From advertisers to regular users, #HolidayMadeSimple brought out plenty of great ideas and tips to be shared. The hashtag was also used for contests. Winners would receive a nice package?of Christmas supplies or something that helps make things easier for their parties or events. The trend reached pretty good Tweet rates as there weren't very many related hashtags.
graph Courtesy of Hashtag Analytics
The hashtag only lasted for a couple hours though. As successful as it was, it saw a pretty sharp decline, mainly after contests had ended or perhaps people had finished their lunches and gone back to work. Still, the hashtag received use from all of social media. From bakers and party planners to mothers and fathers simply looking for an easy yet elegant Christmas dinner to make, #HolidayMadeSimple definitely reached its target audience. t0 t1 t2 t3 t4 t5Of the many Tweets, baking and cooking seemed to be the most popular topics discussed in #HolidayMadeSimple. Home decorating appeared to be one of the more popular topics as well as Christmas is the biggest holiday of the year to feature decorations throughout the house (and the outside as well). Of course, this can be expensive which is why there were plenty of giveaways held using the hashtag. From gift cards to free decorations and cook books, #HolidayMadeSimple brought people together. People tend to be very busy around this time, so these giveaways help them to relax a bit and worry more about their work and less about their holiday ideas. Later in the day as the trend started to wind down, there were a few hashtags used with #HolidayMadeSimple that eventually brought it to a very low Tweet rate.   Featured graphic from diciembrenavidad.com Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported.

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