How To Build Social Media Buzz For Your Live Event

April 14, 2014
When preparing for a live event, guarantee high participation by spreading the news out in advance and inviting the right individuals who can offer great discussions as well as share their own insight and well-researched content for others to view. Make use of real events and controversies to generate buzz and encourage more people to join. Ultimately, getting the relevant individuals to become part of the live event will determine the success of the entire campaign.

1. Use a simple approach

The event should be convenient and easy to everyone to acquire and exchange information. Create a hashtag where people with similar interests can be funneled to discuss their ideas and get updates. Also pick the social media platform which most of the target audience use. Provide photos, links to further explain your posts or tweets and other visuals to make posts more understandable and easy to read.

2. Find the right audience

Get the right individuals who can spread the information about the upcoming live event as well as help generate buzz by featuring their own content and articles. Acknowledge experts that help bring in relevant users and encourage them to communicate with the audience or answer important questions. Create a demographic for the target audience then build the campaign around them to better get their attention based on their current demands, interests and background.

3. Provide good quality content

Create original content instead of reposting or retweeting others on the social media platform. Coming up with good quality content will increase user engagement as more people reply and repost. Think of the best topics and issues to discuss then research on these before posting. You can provide unique views and insights on the matter which will establish you as an expert in the field, thereby driving more traffic to the live event.

4. Engage with users

Maintain your online presence and actively participate in conversations. Ask relevant questions and provide insightful answers to concerns and other controversies surrounding key issues. Also appreciate content and views shared by participants. Like or repost the best ones and thank people for responding. You can also make a list to target key individuals who can bring the right people to the live event.

5. Use links and photos

Continue generating buzz by providing links to further explain your statements. Share photos and videos you took and recorded then add a caption to invite user engagement. Providing links and photos has proven to increase user engagement in social media. The links should lead to useful articles, blogs and websites that will further establish your reputation as a leader in the industry.

6. After-event posts

After the live event, thank and acknowledge participants. Also do a review of the content and most important views and links. The hashtag you previously created can be used to show a summary of activities during the event and also serve as an avenue for feedback and further conversations about the topic. Let key social media users know about the next schedule then provide the details to create buzz and ensure success.

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