Twitter Etiquette 101: The Yes and Nos of Posting Online

Although you are given a lot of leeway when speaking your mind on Twitter, it is essential to observe etiquette. Whether you?re using the social media site for business or casual purposes, focus more on providing good quality content and know the things and terms that should be kept to yourself. Observing the basic guidelines will help you maintain current followers as well as prevent online wars and unsuccessful campaigns in the future.

Things to Post

1. Relevant and good quality content

Choose a niche or particular topic that you can tweet about. Focus on a target audience who will be most interested to your types of posts. Read news and articles related to the subject then provide links as necessary to drive new people and encourage them to follow you online. Give updates regularly and share visual content to increase appeal.

2. Post about recent events

Talk about current issues to show that you are concerned about important events around the country or the world, especially if these are related to your field of expertise. Share updates on developing issues and provide links and your personal opinion on the matter, without resorting to attacks on specific individuals.

3. Make and use hashtags

When tweeting, increase engagement by using existing hashtags or creating new ones. Use keywords that are easy to recall and make it specific to drive the right audience to the conversation. You can meet relevant Twitter followers and other leaders in the field by incorporating hashtags in your tweets.

4. Benefits

Showing potential consumers the benefits will lead to more positive feedback instead of simply making a sales pitch. Many Twitter users are easily turned off by salesmen. Show how you can provide for their needs and the current trend by sharing your objectives and a short description of your company.

Things Not to Post

1. Profanity

Avoid using profane language even when you?re angry or arguing with someone on Twitter. Use the direct message function if you are conversing with only one person and need to keep matters confidential.

2. Self-promoting tweets

Avoid sounding like a salesman who?s only interested in making money off Twitter users. Instead, present the benefits of your services and provide free and useful information. Engage with the target audience and give them advice and good quality information whenever possible.

3. Senseless tweets

Observe proper spelling and grammar when posting. Do not alternate small and capital letters when writing sentences, avoid using too many hashtags and keep tweets easy to read and understand. Also avoid tweeting about activities that others will not be interested in at all such as ?Eating cake.? Or ?Off to the mall?.

4. Oversharing and retweeting too much

Retweeting is recommended if these are related to your main subject matter and field. However, learn how to come up with original posts and well-researched content. You will discover and gain more followers by creating interesting tweets that others can retweet, thereby increasing engagement and expanding your social media network. Observe the top Twitter users that appeal to you as well as those whom you wish to unfollow immediately. Read how the effective social media leaders compose their tweets then use the same approach in your own posts.

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