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created on March 6, 2018
Next Level Consciousnessā„¢ is a series of 9 classes created and taught by Annabel Joy Wyndham that support the expansion of ones consciousness and aligns the soul with the spiritual evolution of humanity.
created on March 6, 2018
A sacred drumming journey CD, created and produced by AnnabelJoyWyndham
created on March 6, 2018
An all natural line of herbal rememdies
created on March 6, 2018
The Hearts LinkĀ® was created and produced by Annabel Joy Wyndham.Understand and experience the Medium Channel for peace and recovery from loss. This kit includes an experiential tool, audio teaching, and guided meditation in an easy to follow step by step process.#AnnabelJoyWyndham, #Healer, #Seer
created on March 6, 2018
A beautiful hand-crafted 100% soy candle that honors a loved one and provides peace following loss. It brings long lasting comfort and support through the time of recovery, sadness, and grief. Initiate this special gift of Light, and provide someone who has experienced loss, this beautiful extended message of love and care. A gentle scent of lily, heather, and ylang ylang. 16 ounces,cotton wick, clean burn, and 200+ hours
created on March 6, 2018
Produced and created by Annabel Joy Wyndham, this non-denominational 36 minute guided meditation takes you through a personal experiential process. What is your prayer? Ask, trust, and see what you receive. Blessings!
created on March 6, 2018
A person in physical form who is in service through the love and direction of Spirit Creator to provide, support, and guide the transformation of souls and betterment of all life on Earth.
created on March 6, 2018
One who can see, that which Spirit allows to be revealed of the past, present, and future for the betterment and transformation of the soul.
created on March 6, 2018
Holistic Practitioner, Master Teacher, Reiki Master, Feng Shui Master, Divine Healer, Spiritual Author, Seer: identification and resolution of problems within the body, relationship dynamics, and space for personal, home, and business.

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