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BiographyWe're about changing the culture for the glory of God. We're about living life in such a way that we leave with nothing left. We're about revival.
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created on March 15, 2018
Twitter and Facebook censor conservative and politically incorrect news and tweets. Twitter has even deleted pro-life tweets that show abortion to be what it really is. This hashtag is calling for Twitter to let all have a voice, to let all speak, regardless of whether Twitter agrees with them or not.
created on March 15, 2018
Twitter has begun censoring and oppressing those whom it is against, like pro-lifers. Twitter claims to be neutral, but obviously is not. This hashtag is calling for them to let us speak freely, with censorship.
created on March 6, 2018
Refers to the Veracity Revival movement, which is a Christian movement that seeks to lite the hearts of Christians on fire for God and doing God's will. www.veracityrevival.com

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