First Twitter-Themed Hotel Opens in Spain

July 29, 2013
hotelMore businesses are using hashtags to engage more followers and create hype since millions around the world are already familiar with these social media tools. Music albums, TV shows and other products are named after hashtags or incorporate these to grab quick attention. The Sol Wave House in Mallorca, Spain is one of the most recent to join the bandwagon by introducing a themed hotel dedicated to social micro-blogging website Twitter. Sol Wave House is owned by Melia Hotels International and delves deeply into the social media way of life. There are several hashtags featured all over the place to immediately cater to guests and let them know about the various offerings and activities. For example, #TwitterPoolParty brings guests to the pool area while #SocialWave showcases the wake boarding pool. There are several other amenities and services to enjoy in the hotel like spa services, restaurants and lounges. Guests only need to register on the hotel?s Wi-Fi and instantly get involved in several events and activities. The hotel boasts of providing guests with the ultimate Twitter experience. Using mobile gadgets and smart phones, visitors can request for room service, drinks or even meet with other guests by browsing through their profiles. Using the proper hashtag will lead to the wide array of services and departments. There are Twitter concierges within the hotel that will identify Klout scores as well as let people know which hashtag they should use to avail of goods and services. Sol Wave House is most likely the first Twitter-themed hotel in the world. It improved the way people view social media particularly for business. Aside from advertisements, social media can now become part of actual business operations and provides efficient and reliable service to customers. Guests can get acquainted with others digitally and share and receive information at a whole new level.

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