Hashtags Get An Upgrade With #ActionTags

September 26, 2013
chirpifyOn September 19, 2013, Chirpify, the social conversation platform, introduced #actiontags which it says is an advanced version of the traditional and popular hashtags we know today. According to Chris Teso, founder, hashtags are the new URL. The new #actiontags will provide social media users the opportunity to use hashtags for cross-channel communication. In effect, social media will be the preferred platform for various marketing approaches and campaigns. Various activities on social media can be done with the aid of the new feature, such as buying things online, joining contests or subscribing to information campaigns and newsletters. Cross-channel campaigning is the main thrust of the project, with various stories and agencies improving their methods to keep pace with the evolution. Real world setups can also be collaborated with social media. People who watch TV while using mobile devices can use both channels to perform different activities with the aid of action tags. The procedure works initially with companies and brands defining the #actiontags and then marketing these to target clients. Interested customers will respond by using the provided tags and begin the social media activity. Other media channels can share the tags to encourage people to use these and transact business.


Instead of using traditional URLs or browsing through social media accounts, Chirpify aims to allow potential customers to transact and purchase using social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. A variety of online activities can be done through social streams, thereby increasing convenience and efficiency.

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