Hashtag Tracks Developments At London's King's Cross Station

September 18, 2013
Kings Cross SqRecently, King?s Cross Station in London went through a major makeover, with its frontage to feature a new square that will replace the old concourse that was built in the 1970s. The renovation cost ?400 million and is slated to be finished by the final week of September 2013. The temporary concourse was demolished and a bigger building on the western portion of the main trainshed will be erected in its place. Aside from other forms of media to share the recent developments of the key project, the hashtag #KXSQ was trending well on Twitter after architects, project managers, construction workers and other individuals wore bright clothing and spelled out the hashtag as photos were taken from a helicopter. Network Rail is also providing information and facts about railway services, particularly at King?s Cross. The major project is deemed to make a mark in London history and ultimately boost the reputation of the Network Rail. The hashtag proves that people, indeed, use social media to stay connected and get updates about all kinds of subjects. The hashtag #KXSQ is a great venue to obtain fresh information about this landmark development, as well as offer public feedback on the initiative. So far, the hashtag has generated 186 tweets and made over 33,000 impressions. #KXSQ is a hashtag that is specific to the renovation, so it's understandable that only a few would be concerned with it. Let's how it looks when plotted against its more general version #KingsCross in the past month.

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