Livefyre Buys Storify

September 12, 2013
livefyreLivefyre has acquired Storify. Livefyre is an online provider of tools and features for online publishers who comment and host while Storify is an online service that lets users make stories and conversations straight from the micro-blogging site Twitter as well as other social media platforms. Livefyre and Storify are both based in San Francisco. The announcement to acquire was made on September 9, 2013. According to Burt Herman, founder of Storify, the full team of five will be transferring to Livefyre while the curation service is expected to stay the same. The price of the purchase was not disclosed by the parties. Storify CEO Jordan Kretchmer announced that StreamHub, a suite of tools will be adding Storify to the list. As a result, StreamHub is currently the only platform that allows both automated and editorial curation of content from the huge social networks in real time. Journalists, editors and publishers will particularly experience the advantage of having an essential curation tool that will provide them with increased user engagement due to enhanced social media features and a wholly unique experience. Livefyre is a comment-based platform that allows online users to login once and have the capability to comment over different websites as well as monitor the posts later on. Storify, on the other hand, allows people to acquire comments from different sites and put these together in a single conversation. Storify shared its optimism in joining Livefyre. On its website, the Storify team said that they will be providing additional features that will help agencies, brands and journalists. The acquisition will open more opportunities, provided that Livefyre has more resources and an expert sales team.

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