Social Media Survey Highlights Facebook's Shortcomings

September 17, 2012
ACSI recently conducted a survey focusing on customer loyalty and satisfaction in the internet business sector. Results show that Facebook scored lowest compared to other supposedly less popular sites. Many Facebook fans might be shocked with the news or even find it unreliable. Based on the chart shown, Facebook is at the end of the list with only 61 points, Twitter, another popular social media site, scored 64 points. This is not the first time that Facebook ranked low on the list. Just a year ago, it scored just 5 points higher. Currently, it belongs to the lower 2% of all groups being watched by ACSI. According to Larry Freed, ForeSee CEO and Presidnet, Facebook ranked lower than Twitter and LinkedIn because of a number of features that turned several of its loyal users off. Included changes that were resented by several online users include the new Timeline characteristic, intrusive advertisements and other privacy matters. Although Twitter and LinkedIn fared better, they weren?t too high up on the list, either. LinkedIn only scored 63. Compared to Facebook, however, these two social media platforms are making the necessary changes based on the responses and remarks of their millions of users around the world. Twitter has recently added a feature that lets users monitor their favorite topics, as well as determine the growth of their followers. LinkedIn has also introduced a more interactive homepage layout that will improve the experience of online clients. These websites made the adjustments so that users will keep track of their favorite topics and do not have to miss certain posts and comments. Facebook has been receiving a lot of criticism lately because it fails to address the common problems that its users have been reporting for the past months, even years. Many of the features and ideas are introduced without any consideration for users. In addition, many online users also have felt that the website is directed more towards advertising and making money than creating features that will actually make the online experience more interactive and conducive for everyone who has an account. What do you think of these results? What should social media platforms change or keep in their suite of services? Let us know in the comments!

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