SUNDAY, MAY 03, 2015
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Study: Recruiters Aren’t Really Into Social Media

Considering the very wide scope that social media platforms have in various fields and industries, it is only ideal that companies and job seekers rely on these to find the best opportunities and potential personnel.

However, a recent poll showed that almost one-half of network recruiters actually do not rely on social media websites to screen the best people for available positions and jobs.

Top Echelon Network, the recruiting software specialist, conducted the study. The network is comprised of highly specialized search groups which showed how 43 percent of the individuals who were polled said that they do not use platforms like Twitter or Facebook for screening purposes.

Almost 18 percent said that they used social media websites sometimes, while only 14 percent said that they constantly rely on these for potential candidates.

Matt Deutsch (@MattDeutschTE), coordinator of the network, indicated how social media has been identified several times in the past in terms of its ability to help companies look for ideal people for available positions. However, recruiters are not the usual individuals who think so.

Some recruiters may try the social media sites a few times, others once, and the rest would simply use traditional methods, the study said.

Overall, potential candidates should still maintain their social media accounts and make sure that their posts and profiles appear professional. There are still a number of recruiters that review applicants’ backgrounds and details. As the trend toward professional networking via social media grows, more companies are expected to rely on social media tools and platforms to easily find the best people for the job.

Deutsch cited how only 14 percent of the respondents used social media constantly and how the rest would only invest in the platform once or a few times.

The irony was that candidates generally check their social media profiles to guarantee that they market themselves in the most positive way, with the intent of being hired by the best companies.

Companies and recruiters, however, are looking into the actual skills, background and experience of potential candidates and only check their online presence as an afterthought. Regardless, a poor social media profile will impact negatively on the candidate.

Based on another related poll conducted by Top Echelon, more than 40 percent of recruiter-participants said that it takes anywhere between 30 and 60 days from the time recruiters get a job order and the time that one of potential candidates actually get an offer.

The poll asked participants about the average period that it required from the moment of receiving a job order to the time that the candidate actually receive an offer in the past year, over 41 percent said between 30 and 60 days, over 30 percent answered between 60 and 90 days. About 15 percent answered less than 30 days, while 11 percent indicated between 90 and 120 days.

The answers can be helpful in determining how well the economy is doing based on the number of job orders.

The information provided by Top Echelon Network can be useful for recruiters, as well as potential candidates in determining the proper avenues that will lead to an effective working relationship in the future.

Top Echelon Network was established in Canton, Ohio in 1988 and has conducted a number of polls particularly focusing on recruitment and social media.


KAS Recruitment 28-11-2012, 00:50

Being the CEO of a recruiting agency, I got a little nervous when LinkedIn made a huge push with their job boards and job networking, however it was quickly seen that social media does not turn up those job applicants who are really serious. The people who tend to network on these sites are willing to speak with clients, but they really are not all that interested in making a move. In my opinion, social media will continue to decline in the recruiting world.

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