Hashtag Targeting Helps Locate Relevant Consumers

December 13, 2012
Different social media platforms on the internet use a variety of tools and features that can aid advertisers in boosting their reputation and bring in more income. These special advertising options target online audiences specifically by offering topics and products that relate well with their interests. Recently, more companies and advertisers are realizing benefits that come with using hashtags. Hashtags are described as topics that start with the ?#? symbol. People can easily find their topics of interest since hashtags are arranged categorically. Online users get the latest news and updates on their specific areas of interest. At the same time, companies always have relevant users come to their sites and accounts. RadiumOne recently announced that it will focus more on online users with similar interests by using hashtags. Online users can be located and targeted by specific companies depending on the hashtags that they?re using. As a result, businesses will cater better to the individuals who will mean most to their growth and income-generating potential. Currently, RadiumOne has 200 employees. The hashtag targeting approach will aid RadiumOne in targeting a maximum of 700 million online users each month, using a number of online features like Re.po.st and Via.me, or websites that let users publish posts with hashtags.

Thus, when a user employs a hashtag or views a post that contains a hashtag, a related cookie is dropped. This way, whenever the user surfs the web, he'll be included in the billions of impressions RadiumOne (@RadiumOne) sees across sites every day that host retargeted ads. Events can be shared each month. Filters will also be provided so that hashtags that negatively affect companies can be screened and eliminated. The content shared by online users will allow advertisers to locate them easily, thereby creating stronger ties between consumers and sellers. In addition, companies get to save on overhead expenses and cut back on hiring extra workers to find relevant customers. The concept of hashtag targeting can be a bit complicated to newbies to the system, but hopefully RadiumOne's mechanism will help make business marketing easier for entrepreneurs looking to engage with target clients through social media.

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