Twitter, Instagram Photos Made Easy With New Swirl From Betaworks

November 12, 2012
Betaworks (@Betaworks), the technology firm headed by Summer Bedard, the designer of UX, has recently introduced Swirl, its latest iPhone app?that promises to make organizing photos on Twitter and Instagram a cinch. Whenever social media enthusiasts share images or hashtags on Twitter and Instagram, they generally intend for others to see with the hope of gaining more followers. Although hashtags help categorize topics to make these easier for users to find, the search still pose a lot of challenges to Twitter and Instagram users. Hashtags and photos are not particularly arranged and can quickly get lost when these are not revived in the feed.

In Comes Swirl

Swirl (@GetSwirl) was developed for half a year and is now ready to start arranging users? photos on Twitter and Instagram. The pictures will be placed in photo albums that are organized according to the related hashtag that users provide. Whenever other online users indicate an identical hashtag for their photos, these will also be available in the same Swirl album. For example, all photos having the hashtag #sports will be arranged accordingly to a page on Swirl labeled ?sports?. Another great function to expect from Swirl are conferences that arrange images presented from activities and events. As soon as users log in to their Twitter or Instagram accounts, Swirl will index followed individuals to arrange hashtagged photos into albums or sets known as swirls. Summer Bedard (@SLBedard) has been improving the iPhone app for several months now and said that she created Swirl because many of the people she knows use the same hashtags for a number of events, occasions and activities. It was an opportunity to help people find related photos easily, considering how extensive social media networks are and how images and hashtags can quickly disappear in feeds. The Swirl founder also addressed spam problems on Swirl. One of the challenges that social media platforms face is how users tend to use several hashtags to photos. In effect, highly relevant pictures will be lost and organization will become more difficult. Swirl is the first company that Bedard founded, although she has been involved in a number media projects in the past.

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