Chicago Study Shows How Irresistible Social Media Is

October 11, 2012
In this day, while temptation can be driven by so many things, a recent study shows that social media websites may be taking the cake when it comes to being the most alluring. Research by the University of Chicago found that many individuals have taken to browsing online over smoking cigarettes or having sex. The Booth Business School of the University of Chicago shows how social media has taken over the lives of people from different parts of the globe. The study covered responses of 250 individuals in Germany who were handed Blackberrys and then pinged many times each day to determine if they experienced certain excitement, feelings and irresistible sensations whenever they received a message. They were also asked to describe the gravity of the feelings and other related emotions and sensations. Dr. Wilhelm Hofmann was the head of the study, who is also an assistant professor of behavior science at the institute. Results showed how the users were particularly tempted to use and browse Twitter or Facebook more than they wish to have sex, drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes. According to Dr. Hofmann, the bigger desires that people show toward social media may stem from various factors, such as not developing any health problems in the long run, getting quick and interesting information and staying connected with others around the world and with loved ones. The participants lived lifestyles very much like typical individuals in the United States. According to the study, people also showed bigger cravings if they tend to resist their desires over certain things. Many of the participants noted how they didn?t want to spend too much time checking social media sites, since it would distract them from work or waste a lot of their time. However, they found it very hard to resist the offers of social media. Dr. Hofmann stated, ?I think people underestimate how much time media can take away from their everyday life.? He continued, ?It also cuts time in pieces ? it?s a distraction and the mind is not well built for switching back and forth between tasks, especially if you have work that needs to be done.? The doctor recommended that people should practice a number of self-control approaches and understand the pros and cons of using social media. Do you find Twitter or Instagram more interesting than 'real life'? What would you exchange for a moment spent on social media? Let us know in the comments!

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