Pinterest Teams Up With Twitter Amidst Instagram Controversy

December 19, 2012
Instagram made a bold move in preventing its own users from posting and sharing photos on social media giant Twitter. Considering how Instagram went through stellar growth in the past few years, generating more than 100 million users and being acquired by Facebook for $1 billion, it has its aggressive reasons for turning its back on Twitter. On the other side, Twitter has also been very aggressive in introducing new features and apps that will potentially split Instagram users. Aside from introducing a new photo-sharing feature that is quite similar to what Instagram offers, Twitter also apparently teamed up with #Pinterest as the latter provided support for Twitter integration cards in the first week of December 2012. A spokesperson from Pinterest confirmed the alleged team-up with Twitter. The support for Twitter integration cards was confirmed wherein users who enable the Twitter cards will let a service with material available on Twitter to be placed in-stream. A tweet will be accessed to view images, videos and other online materials. A number of Pinterest users noticed that images posted on Pinterest with cross-posts to Twitter were available in-stream. This creates a mutual relationship where Twitter and Pinterest users can share media and move between the two sites conveniently. Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann said that Pinterest wasn?t only built for a certain number of individuals. The website has continued to evolve and was embraced by online users, including those who weren?t very familiar with early social media platforms and tools. Silbermann said, ?When we built Pinterest, we didn?t build it with a specific demographic in mind.? She added, ?We built it for ourselves.?

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