Care to Share What Your #MyLoveLifeIn3Words Is?

October 17, 2014
Over the last week there have been numerous new Twitter games popping up left and right. And who doesn't get a kick out of them? Well #MyLoveLifeIn3Words is the latest addition to the collection, and it sure was a popular one. The trend started promptly at 9 PM Central Standard Time on October 15th and lasted all throughout the 16th well into the night. Trending Twitter games have been pretty popular the last couple Thursdays which always makes sense as people are getting into the weekend mood. Seeing as the trend went up and down through the day suggested that people kept coming back every couple hours to add to the mess or check out new popular Tweets with the hashtag. graph As usual with these trends, some people took the hashtag more seriously than others. While all were generally light-hearted, there were those who took the game as a way to get laughter out of their follower audience. Both male and female Tweeters took some shots at the game. The males had a few common jokes to throw out into the fray. boys 1 boys 2 boys 3 boys 4 Of course, the female Tweeters contributed with their fair share of responses. It seemed like all Tweeters had some fun listing what they thought of the hashtag. Some were serious, some were just playing along. girls 1 girls 2 girls 3 With Tweet rates in the thousands for most of the day, it is possible that Twitter will see #MyLoveLifeIn3Words again in the future as with some of the more popular games. It may even last all weekend if it stays alive during the morning and picks back up afterwards. And why wouldn't it? It's clever, it's funny, and people can relate to it in reality or entertain their friends and followers and the tens of thousands of others posting the same hashtag. After all, that's the point of Twitter games in the first place.   Featured graphic from Wikimedia Commons.

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