#Love Through the Ages

September 22, 2014
#Love is always a trending topic, as it refers to many different things in people's lives. As visible by the trends over a month, #love is one of the most popular hashtags that there is. The trend over just this past month is very high in numbers. Some days, it reaches almost to 800,000 tweets! The reason #love is such a popular hashtag is because people can use it for a variety of different things. Sometimes, they can use it in reference to food, items, people, or just if they use it in a sentence and throw in a hashtag. Businesses have also started picking up the trend because it is very popular. lovetweet1 lovetweet2 lovetweet3 lovetweet4 Some people who speak different languages use love as a hashtag because it is such a popular English word. It is a hashtag that is extremely popular in all countries and with all types of people. It is so versatile that it can be used in many situations, and it is so popular that many people will come across?the tweet that uses the hashtag #love. #Love will be a trending topic for ages, because it is such a popular emotion, whether it is pertaining to another person, food, God, or anything else that a person may feel affection for. Feature Image thanks to: Samarttiw on Free Digital?Photos

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