How Many Ways Could You #RuinA90sBand

November 11, 2014
Last night, another new Twitter game came out but only lasted for a couple hours. The #RuinA90sBand hashtag came out fast and strong enough to hold the position as one of the top few hashtags of the night. The graph below displays just how short-lived yet strong this hashtag was. graphAs shown in the graph, there was a decently steady rate of Tweets that actually started around 10:30PM Central Standard Time. Reaching a maximum Tweet rate of about 4,000 per every five minutes, the hashtag never truly achieved very high numbers of participation. However, the short time span of #RuinA90sBand saw quite a sufficient number of total hashtags to bring it up as one of the top trends of the night. The credit for the?origin of the #RuinA90sBand trend goes to a Twitter user related to the Comedy Central television channel.?Responsible for the?#HashtagWars, this user brings this little games up quite often?and is only usually shared?to followers which explains the shorter lifespan of the hashtag. t1 t2 t3 t4 t5 t6 t7 t8 t9Twitter users had plenty of good ideas on how to #RuinA90sBand.?Note the user @midnight cited?with the hashtag as the one responsible for ?starting the trend. Many people decided to go for a play on words with some popular bands from the 1990's. Others combined these old bands with something they thought sounded outright ridiculous. A few people noted some of their least-favorite bands that they already thought were ruined from the start and didn't bother changing the name.   While Twitter games are commonly found later in the week, there are often times good ideas brought up in the beginning of the week. Some like #RuinA90sBand are more restrictive, however, as they target a specific age group among the huge variety of Twitter users. This usually explains why the trend does not last as long and seems to be more spontaneous across social media.   Definition: /definition/ruina90sband Featured graphic: WordPress.com Creative Commons 2.0.  

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