How to Include Pictures In Your Tweets

July 19, 2012
To make your tweets richer and more descriptive, the Twitter platform has allowed users to not only share links?to interesting web pages but also share photos you or others have taken. This way, you get to further personalize the engagement experience with your followers -- and possibly pave the way for more followers?in the future.

Inserting A Photo With Your Tweet

1. Type your message as you would any normal tweet. Remember to keep it under 140 characters. Since you're about to insert a photo, make sure to leave more space for where the shortened URL to your image will be placed. Read more about shortened URLs. 2. At the lower left corner of the box where you type your tweet in, you'll see a Camera icon. Clicking it will open a pop-up window that will ask you to locate the image you want to upload from your computer or mobile device's storage.

3. When you've selected your photo, you will see an image thumbnail and the Camera icon will be highlighted in blue. It will also say "Image will appear as a link". In some browsers, the thumbnail will not appear. Instead, you might see the name of the file.

Limitations To Posting Photos With Your Tweets

- Photos uploaded should be 3MB in size or smaller. Twitter automatically scales the image to fit into the standard display on your home page timeline. - Accepted file formats are .GIF, .JPEG and .PNG. Files like .BMP, .TIFF and animated .GIF will not be accepted. - You can upload only one photo per tweet. If you're using third-party applications, like Flickr, Twitpic or Instagram, only one photo will be displayed, while the rest will be posted as links. There is no limit to the number of links you can post for images from third party apps, however. - To delete an image, you delete the tweet that contains it. Once deleted, the photo will no longer be available. While it may be cached in some browsers, it will no longer be found on Twitter. - You can comment on an image posted with a tweet by @replying to the tweet itself, as you would a regular message. - You can view individual users' photo galleries on their respective profile pages. These galleries will contain images a user has shared on the platform, including those uploaded via third-party applications. Remember that protecting your account or tweets?will disable other people from seeing your photos. Only your followers will be able to access them and anybody else will be led to an Error Page.

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