How to Maximize Your Twitter Event Hashtag

January 7, 2013
A Twitter event hashtag is described as a hashtag that provides information and promotes an upcoming event through a trending topic. Hashtags can be made easily and for free. People online simply have to choose a keyword or keyphrase then add the prefix ?#?. You can learn more about the must-have elements of successful event hashtags. Of course, once you've chosen the hashtag your event will work with, the next step is to maximize its marketing capabilities. There are a number of guidelines to follow to guarantee that the event hashtag will bring in the expected people to the special occasion.

1. Promote early.

The Twitter event hashtag has to be set up a few weeks in advance to let more people know about the upcoming event. There are several websites that incorporate hashtags so you can pick a few social networks to send the message out. The initial tweets have to be accurate and specifically pertain to the event. Promoting early will give you enough time to make the final adjustments as well as cater to more interested individuals. For example, ?Michael Jordan will be signing autographs on January 30, 2013 for the launching of his new book #NewJordanBook.?

2. Post telated tweets.

Tweets on the trending topic should remain specific and relevant. It is also recommended to provide regular updates and posts that will maintain the interest of the target audience. Try posting 2 to 5 times each day until the day of the event. Give real updates that will keep the target audience close to the action. For example, ?Last night, Dennis Rodman confirms attendance for a minor Chicago Bulls reunion at Jordan?s book launch #NewJordanBook.?

3. Monitor the hashtag.

Hashtag monitoring will give you full insight on the followers who mean much to the success of the business. You can also find other conversations and tweets that include the hashtags. Active tweeters should be tagged so you can access other potential clients. These useful individuals will be more than willing to return the favor by sending out more invitations to other related clients. For example, ?Thank you @laurence @anna @jack for the retweet. Hope you?re happy with the free copies of #NewJordanBook?. Learn more about Finding Your Company's Top Evangelists online.

4. Create a Twitter transcript.

After the event, you can make a transcript of everything that occurred during the event. It will keep the momentum going especially for those who are interested in the subject but weren?t able to attend the live event. Even in the future, people will refer back to the transcripts and reports. It will maintain your credibility in the market as well as make you a useful and rich source of good content. For example, ?#NewJordanBook sells 100,000 copies in its first day.?

5. Analyze the information.

There are several features, apps and tools on Twitter as well as related media and websites that will help you gather and categorize all the data you collected during the Twitter event hashtag campaign. You can check analytical graphs, reports and tables to learn more about your target market. Adjust your strategy and future campaigns based on the results you have garnered. These facts will let you know all about the pros and cons of the campaign as well as give you more ideas on the needs, wants and dislikes of your target audience. The Twitter event hashtag should be monitored from start to finish to get the best results.

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