Romney Camp Says You #CantAfford4More

October 5, 2012
US 2012 presidential candidate Mitt Romney continued to prove himself Twitter savvy with the promoted hashtag #CantAfford4More during part one of the #debates held last October 3, 2012. Twitter only allows a single Promoted Trend ad every 24 hours. Republican candidate Mitt Romney (@MittRomney) invested at least $120,000 in the hashtag to drive the online discussions before and during the course of the debates Wednesday -- and with good results. #CantAfford4More was used in the feed of each supporting Twitter user and was seen regardless whether they?re using third-party apps like Tweetdeck or their mobile devices. And because it's a promoted hashtag, it came with a promoted tweet:

The Republican candidate?s #CantAfford4More campaign made it to the top ten list of trends in the US, which his team naturally used to boost their promotional strategy. Since one promoted trend may be featured per day on Twitter, the campaign reserved the spot ahead of the debate to establish its position. Here are some of the tweets that showed support for the Romney strategy. Of course, there were also some who weren't amused. Zac Moffatt, digital director of the Romney team, said: ?If there?s one thing that we learned with the 20 debates that we did in the primary, it?s that Twitter is where a lot of real-time conversations are going.? Moffatt said that the experience can be used to create related opportunities with various specific objectives. This is the first time that a presidential campaign invested in a Sponsored Trend, as marked by its use during the Republican National Convention to increase the popularity of Romney?s acceptance speech. The presidential campaigns traditionally relied on email to make counterarguments. With novel technological tools at candidates' disposal, Romney's online campaign now includes putting up a new site, publishing updates in real time and promoting a hashtag that trends on a national scale. Here's how #CantAfford4More fared on Twitter. Do you think Romney's Twitter presence is working for him? Let us know in the comments!

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