Boston Cardinal Tackles Death, Faith (And Elections) On Twitter

October 12, 2012
A popular religious leader in Boston has decided to open a Twitter account to reach more people and hopefully generate support for several projects. Cardinal Sean O?Malley (@CardinalSean) is well-known as an avid blogger. He has been blogging since 2006 and discusses various matters concerning the Roman Catholic Church and other related issues. Recently, the Cardinal decided to start an account on Twitter to discuss two particular issues: death and faith. Cardinal O?Malley said he will be posting every day until the presidential elections on November 6. The catholic blogger was particularly concerned about ballot Question 2, also known as the ?Death With Dignity?, which introduces the legality of assisted suicide. He encourages netizens to participate in the discussions and share any information and insights they may have about Question 2. The Cardinal hopes that thousands of individuals will be fully informed of the effects of a dignified death. According to O?Malley: ?It?s important that we ? all of us ? help people to understand what Question 2 is all about.? His move to join Twitter involves having more people vote against the ballot question. The second reason for becoming a part of Twitter is having the opportunity to tweet for the ?Year of Faith?. The said special year was introduced on October 11, 2012 and also marks the 50th anniversary of the formation of Vatican II or the Second Vatican Council. The Year of Faith has the objective of bringing in more inactive Catholic Church members and guiding them back to faithful worship. The Cardinal has long been known to be quite involved in various new-age devices and platforms. He easily adjusts to new technology and media. The Cardinal stated how being involved in new forms of communication would be beneficial in spreading information quickly, especially to the concerned Catholic group. Cardinal Sean O?Malley is reportedly the first cardinal worldwide to start a blog when he initiated it in 2006. He also formed the Catholic Media Secretariat in 2010 to immediately get in touch with Catholics all over the world and encourage inactive members to return to regular practice. Different forms of media can be used to spread the word of God and strengthen the ties among Catholics regardless of location. The Cardinal intended the group to get involved and educated about the various media types to acquire and gain information.

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